Volume 13   Number 3   September 2021
Applying Data Mining Techniques to Construct Customer Churn Prediction Model   Download PDF
  Chin-Shien Lin, Hsin-Hua Hsieh    
The Influence of Military Social Responsibility on Subordinates' Work Engagement and Retention Intention: Based on the Corporate Social Responsibility Perspective   Download PDF
  Ting-Ko Lee, Wu-Chen Fei, Chun-Fu Chang    
What Factors Affect Store‚Äôs Willingness to Adopt Mobile Payment Devices ?   Download PDF
  Chun-Li Tsai, Yi-Fang Shin    
The Slash Career: the Relationships among Protean Career Attitude, Career Adaptability, Career Satisfaction, and Professional Commitment   Download PDF
  Chung-Jen Wang, Angela Shin-Yih Chen    
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