Volume 13   Number 1   March 2021
Strategic Mapping of e-Commerce from 1990 to 2017: A Literature Review   Download PDF
  Wen-Jung Chang, Shun-Ching Wang, Jie Yin    
Study of the Moderating Effect of Perceived Organizational Support on the Relationship Between Human Resource Management Practices and Organizational Performance   Download PDF
  Shun-Wang Hsu, Heidi H. Chang, Wen-Shen Yen, Wan-Ling Chen    
The Analysis of Home Meal Replacement on Consumer Need for Authenticity–A new Healthy Opportunity for LOHAS   Download PDF
  Tzu-Hsin Su, Yan-Ning Shih, Ding-Jun Gao, Shu-Yi Han    
Case Study of Visually Impaired Massage Service Innovation Strateg   Download PDF
  Chun-Chi Lan    
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