International Journal of Commerce and Strategy (IJCS) is a leading journal devoted to promotion of academic and practical management issues, focusing on “E-commerce/Internet Marketing” and “Strategic Management”. Manuscripts addressing research issues relevant to “E-commerce/Internet Marketing” and “Strategic Management” are particularly welcome. IJCS emphasizes on the presentation of management implications and applies the management theory to management practices to be consistent with the updated industry trends.

IJCS particularly emphasizes on the academic ethics principles of each submitted manuscript. IJCS establishes “IJCS Academic Ethics Board” in 2017 to monitor the publication of manuscripts that can meet the academic ethics principles. A grant of USD $250 is given to authors after their manuscripts have been published in the journal.

The Editorial Board of IJCS would select a best paper and a best reviewer that would be named as “Best Paper Award” and “Best Reviewer Award” per year. A grant of USD $500 and Medal are given to the authors selected as the Best Paper Award, and a grant of USD $250 and Medal are given to the reviewers selected as the Best Reviewer Award.


Major Scope of IJCS includes:


• E-commerce/Internet Marketing
• Strategic Management

IJCS is in recognition of assessment as a tier 3 journal by the Taiwan Humanities and social sciences journals evaluation, 2016-2018

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